A Lucky Dog: The Futher Adventures
Imgine a dog, a plain ordinary everyday mutt, who finds himself taken into a U.S. post ofice and is allowed to live there for nine years - from 1887 to 1896. Yet, this was a real dog who lived a real life and became the legendary postal mascot during this period, so legendary that he now "lives" in the Smithsonian Postal Museum in Washington D.C.A Lucky Dog is our first book about Owney's Life.What we don't know about Owney is exactly where he went on each trip and exactly who he met. The amazing part of his story is that he traveled to all these places alone. He rode on any train he wanted from city to city, and on any mail wagon within any city. This book attempts to expand on factual history to tell a wider story of his life, his friends and his adventures - out of the possibilities of who he might have met.One of the factual matters that his book considers was the importance of Chicago as a central railhead for cross-country train travel. This is the expansion of Owney's story. A story sprinkled with facts as well as things that might have happened.

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