CO Rail Annual Pack 01 - Annual Nos. 15 & 16
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This set of three Colorado Rail Annuals contains the following titles:

Colorado Rail Annual No. 15 -The Idaho Montana Issue

In this edition, the fifteenth in the series, we document the story of the first railroad to breach the remote mining frontiers of Idaho and western Montana - the narrow gauge Utah & Northern The leaders of the Mormon Church conceived a plan to build a railroad - narrow gauge, for minimum cost - from a connection with the Union Pacific at Ogden for some 400 miles into Montana, to bring the trade of the mining camps to their mercantile establishments. The task proved overwhelming, and the Union Pacific stepped in to complete the project, creating longest and most isolated narrow gauge railroads in the west. The history of this pioneer narrow gauge is set fourth in the first part of this book.
The Utah & Northern narrow gauge subsequently became the standard gauge Oregon Short Line & Utah Northern, and in due course was integrated into the Union Pacific System, still serving today as an important division of that railroad. The operations of this standard gauge succesor to the Utah & Northern during the first half of the 20th century are also detailed in this edition of the Colorado Rail Annual series.
Although branch lines to other mining camps and prospects in Montana figured prominently in original plans, none were ever built by the U&N or Union Pacific. One obscure independent short line to take this step in the 20th century was the standard gauge Gilmore & Pittsburgh, which ran for three decades from Armstead (near Dillon) on the Union Pacific across the Bitterroot Mountains to Salmon, in Idaho's Lemhi Valley. The story of this implausible mountain short line forms the third part of this volume.

By: Mallory Hope Ferrell (Utah & Northern), Cornelius W. Hauck (OSL&UN and UP Montana Division) and Rex Myers (Gilmore & Pittsburgh).
Copyright 1981 Colorado Railroad Museum.
Published & distributed by: The Colorado Railroad Museum.
Pages: 220 black & wgite photos plus rosters and maps.
ISBN: 0-918654-15-7

Colorado Rail Annual No. 16 - Short Line to Cripple Creek: The Story of the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railway

The Cripple Creek gold rush which begin in 1891 created a need for railroad transportation to serve the boomtown that eventually grew to a population of over 50,000. The Cripple Creek Short Line was one of three railroads which fought for a share of the business, and author Tivis E. Wilkins has carefully researched the line's history from construction to boom to abandonment.
The fine text is supplimented by over 150 photographs plus a unique collection of 15 postcards and other advertising material reproduced in full color. Detailed rosters of locomotives and cars, including the associated electric interurban lines, are featured along with lists of stations, bridges and tunnels. Several maps have been specially drawn for this book including a large system map. The jacket features a new painting by noted Colorado artist John Green.

By: Tivis E. Wilkins.
Copyright 1988 (second printing) Colorado Railroad Museum.
Published and distributed by: The Colorado Railroad Museum.
220 pages, over 175 photos, including 10 in color. An included "map pack" has one fold out sheet with a system map, Colorado Springs station grounds map, Clyde and vicinity, as well as St. Peters & Duffields & a CS&CCD reproduction travel folder.
ISBN: 0-918654-16-5


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