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Colorado Rail Annual No. 18 - Railroading in the Rockies a Half Century Ago
Colorado Rail Annual No. 18 includes three articles:
Eastward Ho! Two Californians' Journey to Colorado by Ted Wurm.
In the summer of 1939 the author, accompanied by friend Bob Gray, embarked in their 1936 Chrysler on a 5,600 mile journey to record the then rapidly disappearing narrow gauge railroads of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and California. Along the way, they encountered mainline and lumber shortlines and electric traction as well. Besides railroads, the author describes incidents and observations of life in a West which still retained a degree of its frontier flavor - today long gone.
Westward Ho! A Coloradoan's Photo Safari Across the Rockies by John W. Maxwell, Sr.
In an era long before such things as video recorders, radio scanners and timely rail news magazines, what was it like to "chase trains" through the mountains and deserts of the West? John Maxwell, a skilled Photo craftsman and pioneer rail enthusiast exhibits the results of two journeys made in 1940 & 1941 in search of steam and narrow gauge, accompanied on the latter by colleagues Dick Kindig, Hank Griffiths and Morrison Smith.
On Line: Three Years on a Santa Fe Business Car by Edward Mahoney.
Ed Mahoney was not yet 18 years old when he begin his Santa Fe Railway career as secretary for a division superintendent. On various assignments he traveled "on line" in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico in the years 1919-1922. His well-written narrative of adventures during the great era of western steam railroading includes details of operating procedures, recollections about colorful and eccentric officials and accounts of both comic and tragic events in life along the AT&SF high iron many years ago.
Text by Ted Wurm, John W. Maxwell & Ed Mahoney.
Copyright 1990 Colorado Railroad Historical Society.
Published by: The Colorado Railroad Museum.
220 pages, more than 300 black and white photos. Includes a two-sided map tracing the routes traveled in Westward & Eastward Ho as well as a reproduction AT&SF Employee Timetable (No. 56, Aug. 30, 1931).
ISBN: 0-918654-18-1

Colorado Rail Annual No. 19: Coal Cinders and Parlor Cars: A Century of Colorado Passenger Trains
This edition of the Colorado Rail Annual series includes the following articles:
Colorado Midland Passenger Service: 1887-1918 by William F. Gale.
This well-researched study of the scheduling of Midland passenger trains includes many operating details, such as car assignments and transcontinental Pullman routes. It is illustrated with period photographs plus reproductions of many timetables and original advertising publications from the Colorado Railroad Museum's extensive holdings.
Streetcars & Suburbs: The Impact of Denver's First Light Rail Network by Thomas J. Noel.
This illustrated essay explains for the first time how the neighborhoods and suburbs of the Mile High City were shaped by mass transit in the years before 1910. It was a fascinating era of horse, cable, steam and electric lines.
A Silverton Trilogy: Fifty Years of Passenger Service by Robert W. Richardson, John S. Walker, Jr., & R. C. Farewell.
Three authors delineate the evolution of Colorado's famed Silverton Train since 1941. "Bob" Richardson gives a first-hand account of the transition from a twice-a-week mixed train to the line's emergence as a major tourist attraction. John Walker Jr. recalls many of the events of the 1963-1965 revival of the train undertaken by the Rio Grande railroad after its abandonment petition had been denied. His viewpoint is that of a management insider. Finally, R. C. Farewell describes the end of Rio Grande ownership and the first successful decade as the independent Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Dozens of Bob Richardson's superb photographs are published here for the first time and are complimented by the fine contemporary imagery of R. C. Farewell.
Zimbabwe Steam Safari by Ronald C. Hill.
This article provides an interesting opportunity to compare narrow gauge steam railroading in Colorado with that existing halfway around the world in southern Africa. Ron's fine black & white (plus two color) photographs bring smoke and steam to life.
By William F. Gale, Thomas J. Noel, Robert W. Richardson, John S. Walker Jr., R, C, Farewell & Ronald C. Hill.
Copyright 1991 Colorado Railroad Historical Society.
Published and distributed by: The Colorado Railroad Museum.
236 pages, more than 230 illustrations, 8 maps.
ISBN: 0-918654-19-X

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