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Colorado Rail Annual No. 20 - Dreams, Visions & Visionaries contains five unique articles:
In the Mountains of Utah by Jackson Thode & James L. Ozment.
This is a fascinating 1881-1882 journal of Francis Hodgman, written when he was surveying a portion of what is today the Denver & Rio Grande Western/Southern Pacific mainline across Utah. Illustrated with contemporary photographs, as well as reproductions of of paintings the talented Hodgman made "on location," the narrative provides a vivid picture of finding a path through the wilderness for a narrow gauge railroad. The authors, who both had long careers with the D&RGW, have done extensive research to fill in this previously unexplored area of western rail history.
General Palmer's Other Narrow Gauge Railroad by Robert A. LeMassena.
General William Jackson Palmer is best known for building the Denver & Rio Grande in Colorado. A less well known fact is that he also conceived and built the narrow gauge Mexican National, which eventually connected Mexico City with the Pacific Ocean. Here is an account of that intriguing venture south of the border.
The Denver Post's Cheyenne Frontier Days Train by Richard Kreck and Kenton Forrest.
The Post's colorful and flamboyant history reflected the personalities of the newspaper's founders - Fred Bonfils and Harry Tammen. One of Bonfils enduring contributions to Colorado and Wyoming history and legend was the once-a-year special train to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, operated from 1908 until 1970 and revived in a different style in 1992. "Extra! Read all about it!"
The Greatest Train by Alexis McKinney.
The author is a former executive editor of the Post and was responsible for the Frontier Days Special for many years. In a unique style that Bonfils himself would have admired, McKinney tells his recollections of this train - from the misadventures of the onboard "hostesses" to his day with its most famous passenger, Lyndon Baines Johnson.
An Overview of Union Pacific's Articulated Steam Locomotives by Richard H. Kindig and R. C. Farewell.
Dick Kindig is one of the most respected western railroad photographers and historians. He began documenting the development of UP articulated power in the mid-1930s and is still following the travels of 4-6-6-4 No. 3985. By sharing the fruits of a lifetime of rail photography, Dick allows the reader to experience this big power from the slow compounds early in the century through the last of the famed Big Boys. R. C. Farewell has written a carefully researched and accurate historical account to accompany Dick's Camera work.
By Jackson THode, James L. Ozment, Robert A. LeMassena, Richard Kreck, Kenton Forrest, Alexis McKinney, Richard H. Kindig & R. C. Farewell.
Copyright1993 Colorado Railroad Historical Society.
Published and distributed by: The Colorado Railroad Museum.
240 pages, over 300 black and white illustrations. Includes a two-sided map - D&RGW Survey & Construction in the Mountains of Utah )1881-1883) and The National Lines of Mexico.
ISBN: 0-918654-20-3

Colorado Rail Annual No. 22 - Journeys Through Western Rail History
This fascinating collection of articles on a variety of events from over a century of railroading in the West. Here is the first in-depth account of a legendary 1878 Colorado train wreck. A report on the construction and opening in the 1990s of Denver's new light rail line is accompanied by a description of its long-gone streetcar predecessors. In between is the history of an obscure and intriguing New Mexico shortline. You will also learn of the 1920s political maneuvers following one of Colorado's most devastating floods, and enjoy recollections of a lifetime spent working for the Union Pacific.
The 22nd volume in a long-running journal of rail history in the Rocky Mountain West, this book explores a variety of topics never before covered:
When In Doubt, Take a Statement: The Reminiscences of a Union Pacific Claim Agent by Jack A. Pfeifer.
The Lost Locomotive of Kiowa Creek by Loyd J. Glasier.
Short Line Through A Lonely Land: The New Mexico Central by Vernon J. Glover.
The 1921 Pueblo Flood and the Moffat Tunnel: Economics and Politics of a Colorado Disaster by Stephen S. Hart.
Denver's Light Rail Launched text by Robert W. Rynerson, photographs by Bryan Bechtold.
Looking Back: The Streetcar and Railroad Heritage of RTD's Light Rail Division by Kenton Forrest.
The Origin of the Steam Locomotive by Matthew R. Young.
Edited by Charles Albi, Kenton Forrest & Richard Cooley.
Copyright 1997 Colorado Railroad Historical Society.
Published and distributed by: The Colorado Railroad Museum.
168 pages, over 200 photos, many in color.
ISBN: 0-918654-22-X

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