CRA NO. 17 Rock Island, Tennessee Pass & Ft Collins Trolleys
Colorado Rail Annual No. 17 - Rocketing to the Rockies - Tennessee Pass - Last of the Birneys

Three aspects of Colorado railroad history are presented in Annual No. 17, all featuring carefully researched text and a fine variety of photos, most previously unpublished. We have included 15 full color plates, the most in any of our annuals to date, along with a wide array of timetables, maps and other illustrations to produce an outstanding volume which is in reality three complete works.

Rocketing to the Rockies by Michael Doty and E. M. "Mel" McFarland, is a detailed history of a century of Rock Island operations in Colorado, from construction to today's successor companies. Over 100 photos enhance the text along with track maps and timetables plus full color reproductions of classic Rock Island advertising and two Howard Fogg paintings. Speacial attention has been given to the colorful era of the Rocket trains when they were some of America's finest passenger trains.
Tennessee Pass by Robert "Bob" LeMassena examines the more than 100 years in which Rio Grande trains have struggled to crest the continental divide on Tennessee Pass. From the first narrow gauge lin to today's mainline Royal Gorge Route, the full story is told in carefully researched text by the author, one of today's most respected rail historians. Full 130 illustrations support the fine text; profiles, tonnage ratings, location maps, employee timetables and a superb selection of photos, most previously unpublished and spanning the entire era from construction to current operations.
Last of the Birneys combines a revision of the text of the classic Ft. Collins history by Ernest Peyton with a new group of photos from early operations to abandonment and rebirth in the 1980s. The exciting story of the line's restoration and current status is told in the newly prepared text by Al Kilminster with photos tracing the long road back to the grand reopening.
A color dust jacket from Howard Fogg completes this Rail Annual!

Text by Michael C. Doty, E. M. "Mel" McFarland, Robert A. LeMassena, Ernest S. Peyton & Al Kilmister.
Copyright 1987 Colorado Railroad Museum.
Published and distributed by: The Colorado Railroad Museum.
280 pages, more than 300 photos, mostly black and white. Contents of the map pack include The Rock Island Mother-of-Pearl Picture, Rock Island Yard Maps (Goodland, KS[1900], Roswell, CO [1910] & Limon, CO [1913 & 1942]), 1912 D&RG RR Location Map (Crane's Park to Red Cliff), 1881 Plat of Tennessee Pass Depot Grounds.


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