CRA No. 32- San Luis Central- Greeley East-Arkansas Valley
Colorado Rail Annual 32
San Luis Central - Greeley East - Arkansas Valley

Here are three unusual “Colorado Railroads Without Mountains.”

The 15-mile San Luis Central has faithfully served a rich agricultural district in the San Luis Valley for over a century, owning only three locomotives during its lifetime. Having outlived many more famous lines, its full history is presented here for the first time by John Gruber and John Ryan.

Union Pacific’s Greeley branch tapped a rich sugar beet growing area, and its fortunes rose and fell along with the once important Colorado sugar industry. Historian Kenton Forrest gives a complete account of the railroad line and the area it served for many years.

The Arkansas Valley Railway is famous for being the first Colorado railroad abandonment. Author Robert W. McLeod provides a detailed history of the important role it played at the dawn of the railroad era in the West.

8.5"x11", 220 pages


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