CRA No. 33 Rio Grande Standard Gauge Passenger Trains & Cars
Historian Charles Albi:
"For the first time, here is the complete story of Rio Grande’s standard gauge passenger car fleet from the wooden cars of the 1880s through to the ski train of the 1980s. Included is a year-by-year history of passenger service, detailed rosters of different eras, famous trains like the California Zephyr and obscure ones like the San Luis. It is the result of many years of research and will become the definitive source of information on this fascinating topic."

8.5" x 11", 352 pages, over 400 images, more than half in color (many published for the first time), along with numerous illustrations of timetables, passes, menus and advertising matter.

Even more information on the included CD-ROM!
Enjoy 350 pages of detailed passenger car rosters compiled by the legendary Herb Danneman: a Chronological Roster, a Car Roster & a Summary Roster.

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Review by Dave Mrozek for the Michigan Railfan:
by Mike B. Davis and Herb Danneman.
Published by Colorado Railroad Museum, P. O Box 10, Golden, CO 80402.

352 pages, over 450 illustrations (most in color), maps, forward, index, bibliography, acknowledgments, equipment rosters (included on CD), 8 1/2 x 11” format, hardbound with color covers.

With its mainline thru the Rockies, the Denver & Rio Grande proudly proclaimed itself as “The Scenic Line of the World.” For much of its existence, the mountain railroad was a curious blend of narrow and standard gauge operations. Even as the CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR agreement was being signed in October 1945 with partners Burlington and Western Pacific, the Rio Grande was still running its steam powered narrow gauge SAN JUAN passenger train between Alamosa and Durango, Colorado. Although the ZEPHYR's stainless steel domes and Alco PAs never shared platform space with the SAN JUAN's wooden narrow gauge coaches and K28-class 2-8-2s, such diversity made the late-1940s D&RGW a very special place for railroad enthusiasts.

This expansive volume by career D&RGW railroader Mike Davis and lifelong rail enthusiast Herb Danneman examines the Rio Grande's standard gauge passenger trains and equipment in superb detail. Their study begins with the first “broad” gauge equipment acquired in 1881 and continues year-by-year thru the end of SKI TRAIN operations in 2009. The book's seven chapters of generously illustrated text material captures the excitement of new passenger equipment acquisitions and train services launched during the glory years of passenger train travel, as well as the sad economic reality of eliminating Rio Grande's name trains one-by-one in the 1960s and 1970s. The all-time standard gauge passenger equipment rosters contained in the book's CD are nothing short of amazing for the level of detail they present, and if put in print form, would require a separate volume in excess of 300 pages."

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