Colorado Inventions and Inventors of the 19th Century
Colorado businesses today include many high tech industries. It should not be a surprise that cutting edge technology is not new to our state or our time. The needs of the folks immigrating to Colorado during the nineteenth century brought new ideas and solutions to the many problems they encountered. “Necessity is the mother of invention” is a saying attributed to Plato but Coloradoans took the saying to heart and invented a variety of devices and processes to help them survive and prosper during the nineteenth century. There were patents for all kinds of devices, railroad, mining, bicycles, agricultural equipment, inventions by women inventors, medical, and others. This book is about those inventions and their inventors.

By William Reich.
Copyright 2013 Colorado Railroad Historical Foundation.
Published and distributed by the Colorado Railroad Museum.
272 pages. There are 149 B&W patent drawings and applications and 30 photographs and other illustrations.
8.5' x 11" soft cover, perfect-bound.
ISBN: 978-0-918654-65-6

Author bio:
Bill Reich was born in Colorado in 1941. He grew up in Wheat Ridge on Miller Street next to Denver Tramway's no. 83 electric interurban line. Bill graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1965 with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Business Management and Mechanical Engineering. His professional career was spent in management of small, start-up, technically oriented companies and in engineering product design.
For the last twenty years Bill has been researching historic industries of Colorado and has written several books on the subject. They are Colorado Industries of the Past, published in 2008, Colorado Rail Annual no. 29 - Black Smoke & White Iron, in 2009, and Colorado Railroad Icehouses, in 2010, the last two published by the Colorado Railroad Museum.

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