Denver's Street Railways Volume 3 - The Interurbans
Denver's Street Railways Vol. 3 The Interurbans

This volume on the history of the Denver Tramway highlights the four interurban lines that operated out of the city. Learn about the Denver Lakewood & Golden standard-gauge line to Golden, the Denver Tramway, or Denver & Northwestern lines that ran from Denver to Golden and Leyden and the Denver & Interurban, a subsidiary of the Colorado & Southern Railway. These interurban lines were unique innovations for their time, but you will discover in Volume 3 of this excellent series how the transit system changed to the light rail of the Regional Transportation District. This volume also includes 21 different Denver Tramway Information Tables that illustrate station lists, bridges, structures, telephones, locomotives, equipment, coaches, buses and Tramway employees.

By Don Robertson & Kenton Forrest.
Copyright 2010 Colorado Railroad Historical Society.
376 pages including data charts, more than 330 images, mostly historic b&w.
112 maps, transfers, tickets, etc.
8.5" x 11" hardbound.

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