Ghost Girl in Car No 9
According to legend, the Ghost Girl has been appearing on the Virginia & Truckee railroad for over a hundred years. Suddenly the legend becomes a reality for the three ghost town detectives when the beautiful young girl appears and beckons from the baggage section of Car No. 9, pleading for their help and asking them to follow her into an old trunk that takes them back in time. Reluctantly, they follow her, finding themselves caught up in a wild and famous segment of western history circa 1872. Infamous stagecoach driver Hank Monk, notorious Pony Bob of the Pony Express and legendary Snowshoe Thompson of Genoa all engage the desperate girl, an orphan heading for the Nevada Children's Asylum, in a heart-stopping journey to find her lost dog and avoid her frightening fate. This tension-packed story, laced with humor, blends with just the right amount of history to make this read both educational and fun. Dedicated to the Nevada State Railroad Museum, the book is recommended for the 9-13-year-old reader.

Item #007994