ICC Map Set No. 03 - D&RG Chama, NM to New Mexico State Line
During the period 1915-1919, the Interstate Commerce Commission directed the railroad companies to prepare maps of their properties. These are large precise survey maps of segments of railroad lines that show every detail of a railroad's trackage and property holdings. The maps were used for property tax valuation, to document subsequent changes or improvements to trackage and property, and to assist regulatory agencies in setting freight and passenger rates. Today, the maps are used by railroad modelers, railroad and town historians, lawyers, land surveyors, private property owners and environmental professionals interested in prior land usage.

Denver & Rio Grande Railroad - Chama, NM to the New Mexico State Line - Includes New Mexico Lumber Company and the Rio Grande & Southwestern Railroad
All the maps are dated June 30, 1919. Maps 2F 3 to 2F 13 were updated to December 31, 1927. All of the maps have been reduced by 50% (length & width) from the original size.

This set includes Chama, NM; Tierra Amarilla Grant, NM; Willow Creek, NM; Azotea, NM; Biggs, NM; Monero, NM; Odom and Amargo, NM; Lumberton, NM; Dulce, NM; Navajo, NM; New Mexico Lumber Company in Lumberton, NM; Rio Grande & Southwestern Railroad includes Lumberton, NM; Mundo, NM; Hillcrest, NM; Lago, NM; Jicarilla Apache Reservation; Arlington Land Company; El Vado Mill and Townsite).
Covering mileposts 340-383.

Printed and distributed by the R. W. Richardson Railroad Library.
28 pages, 30" x 12", index (excludes New Mexico Lumber Company and Rio Grande Southwestern Railroad), 26 B&W maps, staple-bound. Ships rolled.

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