Riding Denver's Rails A Mile High Streetcar History
A tour through Denver's streetcar history!
In 1872, the Mile High City embraced a new way to get around and eventually boasted one of the largest streetcar systems in the nation. Enjoy the varied stops the transit system made as it grew along with the city, from the early horsecars of the Denver Horse Railroad Company and the steam-powered Colfax Avenue Railway to the running cable cars of the Denver Tramway and the electric trolleys of the South Denver Cable Railway Company. Though the last of the city's streetcars were pulled from service in the 1950s, Denver continues to expand its modern public transportation system with today's growing Light Rail. Join Denver historian Kevin Pharris on a tour of the city's glorious transit past as well as the modern improvements that are getting people onto the rails once again.

By Kevin Pharris. Foreword by Kenton Forrest!
The History Press (March 2013)
144 pages.
ISBN: 978-1609499150

About the author:
Kevin Pharris reached Denver relatively late in life, owing to his being a military brat. Once settled in Denver, he found the history, the dichotomy of historic versus modern and the vitality of the city s drive toward the future very compelling. These elements beguiled him out of the world of English as a Second Language teaching and into that of history as a profession. Living in one of the city's first streetcar suburbs, the Whittier neighborhood, he has chosen to remain carless. For more than seventeen years, he has walked, ridden his bike, taken the train or bus and (to be entirely fair) occasionally had rides from friends in order to get here and there. Being carless turned him on to the transit history of the city. Denver's bold move to restore multimodal transit to the area inspired him to examine a present and future that serve as complements to the past. He'll remain carless for now, thrilled to ride the rails into the future along with the rest of those lucky few who call Denver home.

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