Rio Grande Secret Places Vol. One - The Tunnel District
Although much of the Rio Grande's standard gauge route between Denver and Salt Lake City has been well-documented over the years, some regions of the mainline have been overlooked. R.C. Farewell has spent nearly nine years documenting these overlooked areas, assembling vintage as well as current views and uncovering pertinent historical data.

Rio Grande Secret Places Volume One: The Tunnel District

This accumulation of material is presented here in the first of a two volume set on Rio Grande's secret places. This volume covers the Tunnel District of Colorado's front range. Included are over 150 striking images from this region, including nearly 30 in color. Described and illustrated are historical foundations of the present route, as well as past and current operations over the line. Photos include both steam and diesel, providing views of Denver & Salt Lake, Denver & Rio Grande Western and Southern Pacific.

By R. C. Farewll.
160 pages.
Colorado Railroad Museum.
8.5" x 11" hardbound.

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