Silver Thread Through the West - The California Zephyr - DVD
Silver Thread Through The West - The California Zephyr

Climb aboard the California Zephyr and experience the magic of a unique train, and also meet the people who made the Zephyr special.
Enjoy a meal in the dining car as described in memories of a dining car steward, of have Zephyrettes share their daily experiences with you. Find out what it was like to ride in a Vista-Dome as recalled by several passengers, or learn from the person who presided over the demise of the train and how difficult it was to terminate the California Zephyr.
Includes interviews with Art Lloyd, William "Bill" Kratville, Susan Hill, Bill Withuhn, Leonard Bernstein, Myron Christy and more!

Bonus Footage included.
Produced by Richard W. Luckin.
Copyright R. K. Publishing.
Running time: 92 Minutes.

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