Standard Plans from the D&RG Railroad System - 1907
Standard plans were developed by the railroads to provide consistency. By following these plans everything would be the same throughout the line. These plans would be helpful to modelers of all gauges and groups who are creating or restoring railroad lines and need specifics on materials and sizes.

This packet includes plans for:
Roadway-Sections & Ballast; Tunnels; Overhead Warnings/Station/Signposts; Cattle Guards/Crossings/Fences/Gates.
Frogs/Switches-Eureka Spring Rail Frogs; Rigid Frogs; Guard Rail/Fillers; Split Switches.
Tie Plates.
Buildings-Section House; Wooden WaterTank; Bunkhouse; Hand Car House; Telegraph Patrol Box.
Bridges/Culverts-Girders; Trestles; Concrete Culverts.
Miscellaneous-Reservoirs; Power Transmission Lines; Stockyards.

Printed and distributed by the R. W. Richardson Railroad Library.
77 illustrated pages, copied from the original blueprint sheets.
B&W 8.5" x 11" staple bound.

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