The Daylight
In the 50 years following the introduction of the lightweight streamliner, steam disappeared and, one after another, Southern Pacific's famous trains were discontinued. Now even Southern Pacific itself has ceased to exist. Originally scheduled to appear in 1999, the revised edition of Daylight Reflections has now been expanded to three volumes, each consisting of 152 pages complete with its own dust jacket.

Volume 1 of Daylight Reflections, subtitled From Daylight to Starlight, will cover the period from 1923 to 1949 - the 'Glory Years', when passenger trains were a part of Southern Pacific philosophy. Since colour photography was still in its infancy, this volume contains a number of black & white illustrations that give it a more historic tone. Volume 1 was finally completed in late autumn 2002. 500 copies will be signed & numbered by the author.

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