Tin Feathers & Gasoline Fumes - DVD
There was nothing like it on any railroad in America. One could savor majestic mountain scenery, smell fresh high altitude air, pass by clear lakes, travel over high wooden trestels on the Orphir Loop, and climb the 10,000 foot Lizard Pass. Original Vintage footage as well as current Goose operations are featured in this program. Riding a Galloping Goose was a unique experience.

Learn about the Rio Grande Southern's Galloping Geese from those early days in 1931 to theend of passenger service in 1951.
Journey through the memories of those who rode these unique vehicles over Lizard Head Pass and the trestles of Ophir Loop.

Robert "Bob" LeMassena remembers "Well, I held my breath for most of it..."
Cornelius Hauck recalls "Riding a Galloping Goose was an interestin, slow motion experience..."
William "Bill" Kratville mentions, "The scenery aspect of the Rio Grande Southern was spectacular..."
Richard "Dick" Kindig thinks back, "Their track wasn't very good and the Goose itself wasn't very sprung..."

Produced by Richard W. Luckin.
Copyright 2009 Colorado Railroad Museum.
Running time: 27 minutes.

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