Tin Feathers, Wooden Trestles and Iron Men
Tin Feathers, Wooden Trestles and Iron Men - The Galloping Geese of the Rio Grande Southern

Excerpt from the book:
"It is hardly news that the Rio Grande Southern survived the double-barreled blasts of the Ames Slide and The Great Depression by hatching a flock of geese. The "Galloping Geese," the unique amalgamations of rubber tire and flanged wheel, not only kept the railroad running but spread the fame of the RGS across the land, and eventually, far beyond our shores. This remarkable story burgeons with Goose invention, fabrication, operation, deterioration, restoration and re-creation. Even more remarkable is the fact that all the Geese are alive and well, and three of the seven have migrated to the Colorado Railroad Museum."

By Stan Rhine.
Copyright 2012 by the Colorado Railroad Historical Foundation.
Published and distributed by the Colorado Railroad Museum.
92 pages, more than 110 photos, illustrations and maps, mostly b&W.
8.5" x 11" soft cover, staple bound.
ISBN 978-0-918654-64-9

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