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Colorado Industries of the Past
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Colorado Industries of the Past


Most of our Colorado forebears came here during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush of 1859. While many of them were looking for gold, others saw an opportunity based on the ageless priniples of supply and demand. These early settlers weren't much different than today's residents. They were entrepreneurs, innovators, and thrill-seekers attracted to the potential for wealth in this resource-rich, ecologically diverse state. Colorado Industries of the Past chronicles the state's early businesses, the people who established them, and the struggles to compete in a growing economy. It details a rich history filled with stories of success and defeat, love and heartbreak, discovery and loss. The people depicted within the pages of this book sacrificed everything for a chance to strike it rich, and laid the foundation for generations to come.

Did you know...
- Prior to the mid-1900s beer was the major drink of all men, women and children. Most brewers in colonial America were women, know as "alewives."
- Early twentieth century brickyards located where Invesco Field now stands, furnished the bricks for Denver's early growth.
- Early Colorado cigar makers were allowed three smokes per day - which they rolled themselves - as part of their benefits.
- Saddleries padded their income by using scraps leftover from crafting saddles and other tack to make small items like billfolds and belts.

Remnants of this bygone era are all around us - from coke ovens to foundations, and from wagon trails to railroad tracks. And though there are still breweries, saddlemakers, and sawmills in Colorado, this book is not about the survivors. It's about those businesses that tried and failed - and in doing so paved the way for modern prosperity.

By William "Bill" L. Reich.
Published by Johnson Books, a Big Earth Publishing company.
Copyright 2008 William L. Reich.
231 pages, over 220 b&w images & illustrations.
7" x 10" soft cover.
ISBN: 978-1-55566-416-9


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