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Locomotive 315: The Lives, Times, & Rebirth of an 1895 Steam
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Locomotive 315: The Lives, Times, & Rebirth of an 1895 Steam


Locomotive 315 - The Lives, Times, & Rebirth of an 1895 Steam Locomotive

This is the extraordinary story of an ordinary little steam engine that survived to steam again when the odds were completely against it. As a new Consolidation engine from the Baldwin Locomotive Works, it begin work in Colorado’s richest mining district, hauling ore, freight, and passengers through narrow canyons and over steep grades. It was the best in its class, but over time better locomotives supplanted it. The 315 ended up switching cars in a rail yard on the other side of the Rocky Mountains, then enjoyed a brief period of glory when Hollywood came calling. Its working days over, it was saved from the scrap heap only to end up in a city park for fifty-seven years, exposed to the elements. The relic was a sorry sight when a small group of optimistic, determined railroad buffs decided to refurbish it. As their work proceeded, they shifted from restoring 315’s appearance to returning it to a fully operational locomotive. The little steam engine once again travels the narrow gauge tracks of the former D&RGW in Southwest Colorado and Northern New Mexico. This book is a celebration of accomplishments - the advent of steam-powered locomotives, the role of railroads in opening up Colorado, the inventiveness of the builders who continuously changed and improved locomotives, and an indefatigable group of men who would stop at nothing to bring 315 back to life.

By George F. Niederauer.
514 pages.
Color and b&w photography.
11.75” x 11.75” hardcover.


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