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The New Eldorado
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The New Eldorado


The New El Dorado
After three hundred years of exploration by Spanish Conquistadors, mountain men, and Plains Indians, it was a group of canny Georgians who, in 1859, unlocked the treasures of the Rockies and played pied piper to the thousands of rowdy, adventurous last-ditch fortune hunters who surged westward in search of the new El Dorado. Thus began forty years of boom and bust. Gold Diggers, silver miners, outlaws, gamblers, swindlers, soldiers-of-fortune, prostitutes, pioneers, and millionaires flooded into the mining camps and fledgling cities, where law, order and morality came in second in the race for riches and "the good life." In "The New El Dorado", Colorado comes alive as a place where fortunes were waiting to be won and lost in the bloody gold and silver rushes that shaped the legends and the style of the great American West. Famous and infamous, mighty and small, all stampeded toward the big bonanza. A lust re-creation of one of the most exciting chapters in American history, The New El Dorado races through lawless, thrilling turn of the century Colorado and proves that the truth is infinitely more bizarre than any fiction ever written.
Phyllis Flanders Dorset
448 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-55591-723-4
Fulcrum Publishing


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