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Trains of North America: 24 DVD set
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Trains of North America: 24 DVD set


25 captivating films & over 30 hours of America's most historic railroads & scenic routes on 24 inspiring DVDs

All Aboard!
Railroad excitement abounds in this 24-DVD Collector's set exploring the rich and varied history of all things locomotive. These impressive documentaries showcasing everything from backyard model trains to modern diesel-powered superliners, with whistle stops and semaphores galore, are sure to delight rail enthusiasts the world over.

Steam Engines - The glory days of the smoke-billowing steam engine are recalled in such films as On the Road with Frisco 1522 and Texas Steam Treasure, about the oldest steam locomotive in the United States still in daily service.

Contemporary Travel - Train travel still has a place in contemporary society, so take a seat on Chicago's Metra, a commuter train serving upwards of 300,000 passengers daily, and see the bustling railway hub that services The Trains of Galesburg.

BNSF - The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway is on of the most famous, with lines that traverse the entire country. Climb the 2.2 percent grade between Skykomish and Scenic, WA in BNFS's Stevens Pass, then follow the route of the Old Santa Fe across the Arizona Divide.

Seasons - The appeal of train travel for many is the beautiful scenery and now you can experience all four seasons, from the changing color of the leaves with Steam in the Autumn to the Icy, snow-capped mountains of Steam in the Winter.

Collectors & Memories - Trains are great reminders of the past, a time when life moved a little slower and people were that much friendlier. Revisit the golden age of locomotives at the Illinois Railway Museum and take a Steam to the State Fair. Also, see how some have used their backyards to pay tribute to railroads in Garden Railroad Spectacular.

24 Full-Length DVDs
Over 30 hours of original footage

All Aboard for Electrifying railroad action in Trains of North America, a 24-DVD collection encompassing the past and present of train travel. Majestic views, legendary locomotives, historic tracks and seasonal scenery make up this set which explores the picturesque countryside from coast to coast and all the whistle stops in between. The traditional sights combine with captivating commentary, natural train sounds and originally composed music, making this a truly unique and inspiring DVD collection.

DVD 01: Texas Steam Treasure (approx. 45 minutes)
Travel to Texas to visit the oldest steam locomotive still in daily service. Built in 1898, this beauty transports passengers in the Ft. Worth area.

DVD 02: Narrow Gauge Combo (approx. 120 minutes)
Enjoy two classic programs about railroading on the former Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge lines, Narrow Rails Still Shine and Rotary Snowplow Through the Rockies.

DVD 03: Tennessee Pass & The Royal Gorge Route (approx. 90 minutes)
Tag along on the last train to run the Union Pacific's historic Rio Grande main line. See the depths of Eagle River Canyon, the 3% climb to Tennessee Pass, Colorado's highest peaks, the Arkansas River Canyon and the Royal Gorge.

DVD 04: The Trains of Lafayette (approx. minutes)
See the constant parade of trains on Norfolk & Southern's former Wabash main line in Lafayette, Indiana, a long-time railroad hot spot.

DVD 05: The Trains of Galesburg (approx. 90 minutes)
Visit one of the Midwest's busiest railroad towns, Galesburg, Illinois. This Modern day railroad hot spot has lines radiating out in seven directions, including the old Santa Fe and Burlington lines.

DVD 06: Winter Steam Spectacular (approx. 100 minutes)
It's full steam ahead in the wintry wonderlands of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Maryland. See the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, visit Herber Valley Railroad and discover what a pusher locomotive is all about.

DVD 07: Steam to the State Fair (approx. 100 minutes)
Watch the 587 on one of her premier assignments, hauling the Indiana State Fair Train to Indianapolis. This is no amusement park engine puttering around a circle track...she really gets around!

DVD 08: The Illinois Railway Museum (approx. 60 minutes)
A complete overview of one of the most outstanding railroad museums anywhere. This program shows several of the major exhibits in operation, including the Frisco 2-10-0 steam locomotive from fire-up to operation.

DVD 09: Garden Railraod Spectacular (approx. 52 minutes)
Explore a variety of backyard railroads, from small beginnings to monster tracks that fill the entire garden. As a special bonus, enjoy the ultimate in backyard railroading...Live steam trains you can actually ride!

DVD 10: Chicago's Metra (approx. 60 minutes)
An up close look at Chicago's Metra commuter rail system, including the famous Zephyr pit repair center, and other areas normally off-limits to the public.

DVD 11: Milwaukee District Cab Ride (60 minutes)
Be a passenger on Metra's Fox Lake line from Libertyville into Chicago's Union Station, all while listening to historical commentary from the crew in this exciting adventure.

DVD 12: On the Road with Frisco 1522 (approx. 60 minutes)
See Frisco 1522, a fully operational steam locomotive, lead the Employee Aprciation Special for the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, then on to Ft. Worth.

DVD 13: BNSF's Stevens Pass (approx. 60 minutes)
Travel to scenic Washington State and visit one of the toughest mountain grades on the entire Burlington Northern Santa Fe - the former Great Northen line over Stevens Pass.

DVD 14: BNSF's Abo Canyon (approx. 60 minutes)
Enjoy beautiful New Mexico and on of BNSF's busiest single track railroads. Start your visit in Belen, then travel east through the many bridges of Abo Canyon to the summit of Mountainair.

DVD 15: BNSF's Arizona Divide (approx. 60 minutes)
Travel to beautiful northern Arizona and one of the most interesting stretches of of railroad in the United States, BNSF's mainline over the Arizona Divide.

DVD 16: Challenger 3985 (approx. 60 minutes)
Union Pacific engine No. 3985 is the largest operating steam locomotive in the world. Nicknamed "Challenger," this 4-6-6-4 powerhouse treks through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas.

DVD 17: Choo Choo Christmas (approx. 30 minutes)
Trains and the holiday season go hand in hand, and this unique video is just the thing to put you in a festive mood. Watch a variety of trains in a variety of winter settings with a pleasing mix of live train audio and holiday music.

DVD 18: Colorado's Scenic Train Rides (approx. 100 minutes)
The colorful state of Colorado is home to some of the most fantastic train rides in the entire world. from steam-powered narrow gauge trains to modern Superliners, this is a great video for both scenery and train lovers.

DVD 19: The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad (approx. 60 minutes)
The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is one of the best preserved steam railroads to be found anywhere. see plenty of sky-high smoke, billowing steam and golden October trees in this DVD that the entire family will enjoy.

DVD 20: Santa Fe Mainline Memories (approx. 100 minutes)
Before its merger with Burlington Northern, the Atchison, Topeka & Snata Fe Railway was one of the largest and most beloved railroads in the United States.

DVD 21: Steam in the Spring (approx. 105 minutes)
Spring is a great time of the year to enjoy steam railroading. The budding leaves and melting snow make for a beautiful backdrop along the historic railroad lines included here.

DVD 22: Steam in the Summer (approx. 85 minutes)
Visit 6 steam locomotives and railroads, old and not-so-old, big and small, running through a variety of interesting summer scenery.

DVD 23: Steam in the Winter (approx. 90 minutes)
Enjoy winter steam railroading and stunning mountain scenery in Utah on the Heber Valley Railroad, on the high desert of the fantastically preserved Nevada Northern Railroad, and heavy mainline railroading on the Ohio Central system.

DVD 24: Steam in the Autumn (approx. 120 minutes)
Autumn is a brilliant season to see steam locomotives in action. Falling, multi-colored leaves and bright Indian summer lighting contribute to the spectacular scenery on these 7 different locomotives.


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