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Locomotive Cyclopedia Volume II
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Locomotive Cyclopedia Volume II


"Volume II, Like Volume I, is designed for the avid steam locomotive aficionado and, more especially, the scale modeler. "Here, in an oversized, ready reference format, are the intricacies of steam and electric locomotives. From 0-6-0s to 2-8-8-4s and electrics, here they are in a single source. "The drawings, originally introduced individually throughout the 26 years of MAINLINE MODELER's existence, are enhanced by new and previously published photos of the prototype engines. "Drawings and photographs are supported by text, re-edited from the original presentation, and elaborated upon in the light of further research and new information now available. "The larger format provides a new look at previously viewed plans, and improved photography techniques display detail not commonly seen." 14"x11"x1.25" horizontal format, clothbound with color dust jacket, 271 pages, 11 foldouts for 22 oversized drawings and photos.


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